How to Redeem an eGift Certificate

If you are an eGift Certificate holder, would like to redeem your credits and purchase items, please follow the instructions below:

1. Send an email to and include your: 

  • eGift Certificate code
  • Item code(s) of product(s) you choose from our site for purchase 
  • Quantity
  • Shipping information
  • Contact information                       

That´s it! Upon receiving this information we will process your order.   


  • If there is any remaining credit we will send a balance statement to your email.
  • If your purchase order surpasses the eGift Certificate value you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount with payment instructions
  • You will not be charged for shipping on purchases over $40.00 inside the Continental United States
  • This eGift Certificate has no fees or expiration date
  • For further inquiries please read our eGift Certificate Policy or Contact Us directly