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Here at Coastal Home and Gift, we love to add interesting and unique coastal decor and with the addition of a coastal theme, each time we look into a room filled with nautical home decor, we feel close to the sea. We know you’ll also enjoy adding a touch of the coast to your home or business.

Mirrors and picture frames are the perfect way to quickly introduce a unique coastal piece into any style decor. The Pacific Fish Wall Mirror is a favorite - this whimsical piece can add a colorful focal point to the living room, bedroom or even covered porch. For a more traditional style, take a look at our Penelope Blue and Green Mirror which will add a burst of blue, green color to any room. We also invite you to browse through our collection of wall art and wall decor and signs for coastal and seaside themed pieces that will also be at home within any style decor. Choose a piece for each room and relax by the waves!

Coastal Home and Gift also offers a beautiful collection of serving and entertaining and tabletop decor that will add seaside pizazz to any gathering. Your friends, family and clientele will marvel at the coordinated decorative effect throughout your home or establishment . A set of galvanized Fish Trays can easily set the stage for a nautical themed party, and our Nantucket Drink Dispenser is a must-have for any large gathering. Our Rope Candle holders will look regal on the buffet table and add a casual appeal to the dinner table.

Baskets and trunks are something we can never have enough of because they can be used as additional storage in any room, or just as a decorative addition on the porch or in the kitchen. We think you’ll enjoy any one of our selections for your home. And let’s not forget the decorative appeal of clocks and lanterns! We offer a great collection of both that is suitable for indoor use or outside on the patio or covered porch.