Top 10 Big Furniture Items to Buy During the Winter

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Take advantage of the extra time spent indoors during the winter months. It's the perfect season to experiment with large home organization projects. To clear the clutter and create a refreshing start in every room, you'll need the appropriately sized furniture to help with storage. January is also one of the best months to purchase these big furniture items because of closeout prices and new models hitting the showroom floor in February. Below are ten of the best big furniture items to buy during the winter months.

1.    Cabinets
You can never have enough storage space in any room. At Coastal Home and Gift, we offer a collection of cabinets for every room that will beautifully handle all your storing needs. In the kitchen, pull that timeless collection of antique dinnerware out and display it from our cottage display cabinet. For a sleeker, unique style with reclaimed glass bottle bottoms, try our Winston Cottage Cabinet. Whether you live by the sea or in the city, we have beachy, seaside designs offering loads of storage space.

2.    Beds
Shorter days and cooler nights make it difficult to want to leave the bed, which happens to be one of the reasons beds is a popular purchasing item during the winter. We offer a beautiful basket weave headboard that can instantly add texture and warmth to your bedroom, while also keeping the seaside cottage charm theme. 

3.    Dressers/Chests 
If you purchase a new bed, more than likely you’re going to want to coordinate your dressers to match. We offer dressers and chests that pair perfectly with our bed options, plus some that will add some flavor to the room! Not only are our dressers exclusive in style, but they offer just the right amount of storage you need for your room. 

4.    Coffee Tables
Living areas and family rooms are some of the busiest rooms in your home. There can never be enough storage or extra space. There is no need to sacrifice style for storage. At Coastal Home and Gift, our options range from basket and trunk tables to salvaged wood tables with four drawers. See some of our gorgeous options here. 

5.    Sofas
There are few ideas more comforting than cozying up on a sofa with a good book during the winter months. Our tropical, colonial-inspired, Trinidad loveseat is a favorite among customers for its elegant appearance, and its relaxed, comfortable design.

6.    Ottomans
Ottomans can be used in any room of your home for storage. It can be used in the closet for shoe storage, at the kitchen table as a chair doubling as towel storage, or even a file cabinet in your home office. Ottomans are easily disguised and hold multi-purpose solutions for seating, space, and storage.  

7.    Cubes and Benches
Whether you live near the beach where sand is constantly coming through the house, or in the city where boots track ice, mud, and snow on the floors. A great mudroom or entryway can fix a messy, unorganized home in minutes! By implementing cubes and benches in either room, you'll have a space for shoes, toys, coats, backpacks, and more. Plus, a place to sit down to take those shoes off!

8.    Outdoor Seating
Depending on your location, your outdoor seating may need an update for the winter months. We offer double chaise rockers for Californians who can enjoy the sunshine and 70-degree temperature year-round, and we also have thicker material seats such as the Cayman Islands Outdoor Swivel chair. All of our outdoor seats offer comfortable space and beautiful designs. 

9.    Lamps
Did you know that lamps are used for more than providing light? In the winter months, there’s a condition known as season affective disorder. Research shows that this is treatable with light therapy. The brightness of light can affect your mood. Add to the fact a classic, relaxing seaside design and your mood can instantly uplift! 

10.  TV Stands
To help make storage for your television boxes, cable providers, movies, and more, our T.V stands offer a sufficient amount of room without adding bulk to the area.  

These ten furniture items are seen as some of the most popular to purchase during the winter months. At Coastal Home and Gift, we include shipping in the purchase price, so there’s no need to worry about additional charges for any of the items listed above. One decorating challenge for the New Year is doing more with less. We would love to know how you incorporate our products into this challenge! 

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