Millennial Décor Style vs. Generation Z and Baby Boomers Style

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Image by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay define the millennial generation as anyone born between 1978 and the late 90s, which currently includes ages 18 to 34. The bulk of this generation has graduated college, though the youngest of this generation are just entering college. There is a long list of things that millennials and baby boomers disagree on. Research shows us that we can now add décor to that list; as we grow, so do our décor preferences. 

Millennial Décor Style

The newest pop-culture fads are always hard to track. With music, TV shows, clothes, and technology, the millennial generation moves at light speed, bouncing from trend to trend. Affordability and convenience seem to be the two leading factors when style is involved. Millennials are intrigued by the minimal mid-century design. The style gives clean lines and mixes and matches different materials.

This minimalist design commonly relies on wooden construction, but can also include fiberglass or metal. The furniture usually only has one or two colors with no patterns. If there is a pattern involved, identifying it is critical when picking the right rug and decor. Typically, the pure mid-century design does not use rustic elements such as unfinished wood or aged metal. Mid-century floor lamps and table lamps feature very straight, geometric lines or round, curved contour. A popular mid-century ceiling lamp design sees exposed bulbs on straight rods radiating out of a center. At Coastal Home and Gift, we stock a tremendous amount of relevant designs for millennials.

Baby Boomer Décor Style

The 55-to-65-year-old baby boomers chose refined rustic as their primary style of décor. This design blends classic forms with a more informal rustic style, meaning this generation wants a more comfortable feel added to their homes. "Rustic" does not mean "country;" it implies cozy and inviting. Baby boomers know not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion. Luckily, with our stylish décor, you don't have to! Our chairs and sofas don't sink deeply, making it hard to stand. Yet, they are soft enough to give support, comfort, and style.

Generation Z Décor Style

Those born in the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s are known as Generation Z and seem to lean more towards the baby boomers décor style. A classic style seems to be popular in Generation Z but also with a layered, informal twist. While they're probably not out buying their own furniture just yet, they do want their rooms decorated! Browse through our amazing selection of décor options to create a peaceful, clean, and soothing room.

At Coastal Home and Gift, we cater to all generations' preferences. We offer style, affordability, and comfort for every room in your home. Come browse our furniture collection, sofas and loveseats, pillows and rugs, and even our outdoor collection.




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