Coastal Style Homes

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3 Elements for a Coastal Style Home


A coastal style home evokes the relaxation of a summer day spent at the beach. You can feel the summer breeze in this style home even if you are inland and miles away from the beach. It’s the feeling that the coastal style home hearkens to that is gaining in popularity these days. According to, in their article “Types of Coastal Style Decorating,” the coastal style is one of the fastest growing decorating styles. And, why not, we ask? Because living in a space that reminds one of a happy, carefree day at the beach--especially in these busy work-filled times in which we live—sounds pretty good to us!


Exactly what are the elements that define a coastal style home? First, there are different types of coastal styles such as American Coastal, Mediterranean Coastal, and Tropical Island Coastal, and each has its own qualities that define the look. However, all coastal styles have similarities as well. In this article, we highlight 3 of the main elements of a coastal style home—beach-inspired hues, light, and ocean artifacts.


Beach-Inspired Hues


In their article on coastal decorating ideas Better Homes and Gardens says “the purest, most immediate way to bring the shore across the threshold is to capture a beach-inspired blue hue and splash it across the walls.” You may gravitate toward a turquoise Caribbean blue, or more green than blue, or maybe even a pale blue. It all depends on your tastes, but some shade of blue will definitely transport you to the coast by bringing the ocean and sky into a room. Not only using these colors on your walls, you can also bring fun pops of beachy colors like turquoise, coral, and yellow in a room through accessories like pillows, throws, and rugs. Shop our Pillows and Rugs collection for great ways to bring the “coastal” feel to a room!





Light is an important element of coastal style decor. By using a light-ness in colors, you can capitalize on the light in a room and give it the coastal feel. White trim, neutrals, and pale colors create the light and airy ambience that defines the coastal style. Use neutrals and pale colors in paint, upholstery, and window treatments--always making the most of natural light by only covering windows minimally.





Ocean Artifacts


The use of ocean artifacts is a definite element in creating the coastal style home. Create the seaside style by decorating with nautical motifs and using items that you might find on a walk at the beach like shells and driftwood. You can definitely have fun with this aspect, but don’t get heavy-handed and have too much of this element--a little goes a long way! Browse our Home Décor section for lots of fun ideas.




Creating your own coastal style home can give you the calm and relaxed environment you want to escape the daily grind of life. By using these 3 elements, you are on your way to having a day at the beach even if your home is miles away!


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